Why do i need an estate planning attorney?

Estate planning lawyers help you in the process of deciding how to divide your assets and advise you on the documents you need to make sure your wishes are met. They can also help create documents to protect you in case you get sick. While a will is a cornerstone of estate planning, some people may need something broader and, if so, a trust can be beneficial. Trusts can make sense for most assets, including financial assets, retirement assets, real estate and life insurance, says Bleustein.

These assets could be managed within a trust for the benefit of the child, and a professionally managed trust could, in theory, produce better results than an account entrusted to a non-expert guardian who might have good intentions, but who might lack the experience or knowledge to invest and protect properly assets. An estate planning lawyer is trained in matters related to the transmission of your assets after your death. Probate lawyers help you create draft documents and create a plan for your assets to go to their intended beneficiaries without court battles or large tax bills. Finding and Choosing an Estate Planning Attorney Can Be Intimidating.

This video provides tips for finding and interviewing lawyers. Learn where you can go online to find qualified estate planning lawyers in your area from ACTEC Fellows Richard R. What is the purpose of estate planning? The main purpose of estate planning is to control how your assets are distributed after your death. Most estate planning lawyers also help you prepare for disability by using a health care power of attorney, living will, and power of attorney.

Certain estate planning techniques can protect your beneficiaries from creditors and minimize or avoid taxes. Most people can benefit from working with an estate planning attorney, although not everyone will need one. Estate planning strategies have been complicated in recent years with the introduction of wealth taxes at the state level. A good estate plan will include several documents that help ensure that your loved ones don't have to go through the hoop when you die.

Estate planning for most families is really about protecting you in case of disability and death, and planning for family dynamics. Beyond just planning after your death, an estate lawyer can also help you prepare for situations where you are incapacitated and unable to take care of you or your assets. If you provide care for anyone who has special needs, an estate lawyer can help you appoint a guardian for that person and create a solid plan that includes a special needs trust. For example, you can designate a charity to receive a certain percentage of your retirement plan assets, Bleustein notes.

Derek was a senior editor and personal finance expert at Policygenius, where he specialized in financial data, taxes, estate planning and investing. New York State Intestate succession law provides a unique set of rules that are followed in each case of a person who dies “intestate or without a will”. You Can Avoid The Mistakes That Templates And Online Sites Bring By Hiring A Texas Estate Planning Attorney. On the other hand, people in certain situations may need the help of a professional to ensure that their estate plans are comprehensive and accurately express their intentions.

Working with an estate planning lawyer can help you make sure you know everything related to these taxes so you can plan accordingly. The federal inheritance tax exemption, known colloquially as the “inheritance tax”, is currently so high that it does not affect most people. Bernie Krooks and the Littman Krooks team resolved a complex heritage issue quickly and efficiently. Such lawsuits can quickly deplete the funds of the estate and leave all beneficiaries a little worse because of attrition.


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